Sunday 16 August 2009

OSGeo Friendly countries to live in

Yves Jacolin has sliced FOSS4G website hits to determine the number of FOSS4G attendees per million people, broken down by country. From this, you can get a feeling for the most OSGeo tolerant populations in the world (distorted around Australia due to the conference location).
So what can we learn?
  • Japan and Mongolia are the place be in Asia
  • Chile is the place to be in Latin America
  • Canada looks preferable to the US. I wonder how much the Canadian GeoConnections program is responsible for Canada's strong OSGeo industry.
  • There is a lot of interest across Europe, so FOSS4G 2010 should be a crowded event.
  • Africa seems to have learned all they need to know when FOSS4G attended Cape Town last year, and won't be heading to Australia in force.

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