Thursday 13 August 2009

Australian Gov 2.0 roadshow

In line with initiatives from other nations, the Australian government is investigating how to:
  • make government information more accessible and usable — to establish a pro-disclosure culture around non-sensitive public sector information;
  • make government more consultative, participatory and transparent — to maximise the extent to which government utilises the views, knowledge and resources of the general community;
  • build a culture of online innovation within Government — to ensure that government is receptive to the possibilities created by new collaborative technologies and uses them to advance its ambition to continually improve the way it operates;
  • promote collaboration across agencies with respect to online and information initiatives — to ensure that efficiencies, innovations, knowledge and enthusiasm are shared on a platform of open standards; and
  • identify and/or trial initiatives that may achieve or demonstrate how to accomplish the above objectives.
The Gov 2.0 taskforce are calling for comments on their issues paper at: and will be on a roadshow around Australian capital cities over the next few weeks. Details at:

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