Sunday 17 August 1997

Critical Mass Sydney - video documentaries

Critical Mass Sydney - video archive

Video footage of Sydney's Critical Mass bicycle activist movement - an organised coincidence, where hundreds to thousands of cyclists met once a month, to cycle through peak hour traffic, demonstrate the value of bicycles, and lobby for safe cycling infrastructure.

Feature piece about Critical Mass

A mainstream news feature piece explaining Critical Mass (6 mins).

Feature piece: Critical Mass - Flower power

Snippet from a larger segment on activism, covering critical mass cycle activists - with flowers.

News snippet - Critical Mass riding over the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Reverse cycle car - publicity stunt

Main news trailer story - a publicity stunt pulling a car with tandem bicycles, plus the source footage.

Documentary: Taking on a radio shock-jock

Part 1 of a documentary about Critical Mass centered around a drive-time radio-jock bagging baiting the "radical cyclist". By Southern Exposure, Discovery Channel.

Documentary: Critical Mass + Y Fronts in Winter

Critical Mass Documentary, part 2 and 3, by Southern Exposure, Discovery Channel
  • Bike races car in peak hour
  • Studio interviews
  • The famous bike lift visual
  • Thoughts from police
  • Riding in Y front undies in the middle of winter

Mini-feature about Critical Mass

Mini feature explaining Sydney's Critical Mass bicycle lobby movement - riding across the Anzac Bridge (previously called the Glebe Island Bridge).

Radical Torque - ABC Lateline

ABC's Lateline asks if car-centric city design was the right choice, and starts with a colourful story of Critical Mass bike riders.

Cycle in Suits

Raw footage of cycling-in-suits, racing a car into Sydney through peak hour traffic. (Cyclists won.)

Protest paying same toll as cars

Raw footage of Critical Mass bike riders who protested having to pay the same toll as cars for using the M2 motorway (it was supposed to be free). Riders paid the toll, then rode slowly along the motorway.