Wednesday 26 January 2022

My Open Source Docs addiction


My Open Source Docs Addiction

Why am I addicted to open source docs?

  • "Giving back" adds extra meaning and purpose to my life.
  • It's impactful.
  • I can tackle wild moon-shot ideas.
  • I can choose to do-it-right over short-termism.
  • I am often working on the cutting edge.
  • I can choose morals over profits.
  • I get to collaborate with a community of like-minded souls.
  • It’s a fun, safe and engaging way to learn, and looks great on a resume.
  • The world desperately needs doc heros, and as a tech writer I'm uniquely qualified to help.
  • I've uncovered my alter-ego:
I'm an open source technical writer. What's your super power?

Version 1.0 of this lightning of this talk was presented at an internal tech writers event in January 2022, and a tweaked 2.0 was presented at Write the Docs Australia, December 2022.

Saturday 15 January 2022

Frenchs Forest to Warringah Mall by bicycle

Want a quick, 20 minute, pleasant and safe bicycle route from Frenchs Forest down to Warringah Mall? Try this: 

Cycle from Frenchs Forest down to Warringah Mall via bike paths, back streets, and a short stretch of dirt trail.

Enjoy the journey!