Wednesday 1 May 2019

OSGeo selected for Season-of-Docs 2019

The OSGeo Foundation has been selected to participate in Google's Season-of-Docs initiative. We've identified tasks based on OSGeoLive, QGIS and GeoNework.
Our approach is a little different. It is not just about searching for paid superstar technical writers. (Although superstars are welcome). We also want to support and expand our existing volunteer community. These are ordinary people, gifting bursts of effort, toward small, discrete and achievable tasks, to collectively achieve an extraordinary impact.

Ideas we'd like to explore:

  • Open source projects face sustainability challenges. How will docs developed during Season-of-Docs be maintained long term?
  • Can a writer’s expertise be amplified to help community users and developers write good docs more effectively and efficiently?
  • Could best practices developed in one project be applied to the greater open source eco-system?
Are you interested? If so, please introduce yourself on our email list, or contact me directly.

Cameron Shorter