Saturday 18 July 2009

Feed a Geek

It has been a pleasure to have Justin Deoliveira from OpenGeo camped out in LISAsoft offices for the last week. He is a lovely person, and really knows his stuff. On top of the pure friendship factor, I've been able to work up a business case for feeding housing him and his laptop and take him out to lunch, based on the amount of high quality information I soak up in conversation.
Justin seems to be living the often talked about, but rarely seen, life of a programmer working on amazing technology while he is globe trotting around the world. I watched with envy, then took him out to lunch with LISAsoft management, and asked Justin about how well it worked for him. (I wanted my management to hear the answer.)


Ian Turton said...

and the answer was?

Cameron Shorter said...

Justin's answer was:

Working remotely works if you pick the right employees. OpenGeo have a habit of hiring Open Source developers who have already shown themselves to be able to work independently, and hence remote working generally works for these developers.