Thursday 12 March 2009

Tell is which workshops and tutorials you want at FOSS4G

Mark Leslie, the FOSS4G workshop and tutorial coordinator, is starting the selection process.

If you plan to be coming to FOSS4G, please help us select the tutorials and workshops by telling us what you would like to see from the available list he is about to provide.

Contact Mark Leslie <> directly, or join the email list at: and offer your services.

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Cameron Shorter said...

From Mark Leslie:

The workshop[1] and tutorial[2] submissions are in and ready for review. If you plan on having your say on what will be presented in October, please download the pdfs and have a read. Send your recommendations to me (m r k . l e s l i e@ g mail.c o m) using a subject of "FOSS4G Workshop Review" by the start of my day Monday[3] and I will summarise the preferences and reply to all those that have voted in the case of any close calls that merit discussion.

All I need in the email is a ranked list of ten workshops, twelve tutorials, but you will be called upon to justify your opinions if there are close cases.