Thursday 25 May 2023

Open Source awards for Good Docs contributors

Congratulations to Google's Open Source Peer Bonus award winners. Winners from The Good Docs Project include:

Ophy Ampoh

Ophy Ampoh is an impactful open source techie and writer, across multiple projects.

Joseph Kato

Joseph is the founding creator of, an open source grammar checker, used to check the quality of documentation against a project’s documentation style guide. The tool is well written, in a modular fashion that supports extensions.

Mengmeng Tang

Mengmeng Tang is an experienced technical writer who has been playing a lead role developing templates and writing best practices within The Good Docs Project.
  • Most notably, Mengmeng has led the development of a API Reference template, researching multiple source reference documentation processes, coordinated community contributions from multiple people, and drawing it together into an authoritative source.
  • She has been mentoring others.
  • She has been an active contributor to other Good Docs forums and initiatives, such as our cross-template style discussion forum.
  • She is regularly stepping in and helping others out.

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