Monday 18 April 2022

Open Source Peer Bonuses for Good Doc Templateers

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 Congratulations to five templatateers from The Good Docs Project for your Open Source Peer Bonus award from Google.  This cool award enables Google employees to recognize and thank a few valued open source contributors. It includes a token financial contribution - enough to take the family out for dinner at a nice restaurant.

Gayathri Krishnaswamy, Chris Ganta and Nelson Guya

Gayathri, Chris and Nelson have been peer-writing open source documentation templates within our EMEA-APAC working group. This includes:

Notably call outs:
  • As well as doing a lot of the research, Gayathri has managed the copying of docs from Google Docs into the github repository.
  • Nelson initially worked out the OSGeo-Live documentation pipeline, and then mentored Chris and Gayathri in getting started.
  • Chris did a lot of the group coordination, and has delivered an excellent presentation on the peer writing strategy that the group developed, laying foundations for how it can be replicated.

Carrie Crowe

Carrie has grown into a key role in within The Good Docs Project:

  • She’s  head of the content strategy team, driving the project contributors to frame their work in terms of understanding our user bases, accounting for where individual elements of our project need to live.
  • Specifically, in the last year she’s helped the project clarify its scope and focus, with the ideals of providing education to developers needing to write docs, templates for different types of docs, systems for deploying docs, and related doc subjects. That’s all thanks to her stepping in as a product manager to organize a big group of volunteers, alongside her technical writing skills used in article and template contributions.
  • In recognition of her work, she's recently accepted a co-chair role of The Good Docs project.

Deanna Thompson

Deanna Thompson is an experienced technical writer who plays an impactful role within The Good Docs Project.

  • She done extensive research and community consultation to build a template for writing tutorials that developers can use.
  • She continually provides insightful feedback to templates others develop, showing leadership and mentorship our team greatly benefits from.
  • She's been playing a lead role in establishing training for using git for tech writers within our project.
  • And in recognition of her work, she has recently accepted a role on the Project Steering Committee.
  • She’s certainly raised the bar on what we hope to get out of contributors!

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