Saturday 6 February 2021

Tweak Google's mission?

Google has an awesome mission statement:

"To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

Organizing information and making it accessible

Its hard not to feel inspired by this. What a valuable gift to the world! But I think it could be even better. Because this mission statement only kicks in after ideas have been written down, as “information”.

Capturing ideas, organizing information and making it accessible

  • What if we could help capture all good ideas?
  • What if we could help everyone to explain their best ideas clearly and concisely, in a form that can be easily shared and understood?
This is the mission of The Good Docs Project
"Create best practice templates and process for open source software."

If combined, Google’s mission could become even better:
"Organize all the world's information ideas and make them universally accessible and useful." 

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