Monday 11 November 2019

TheGoodDocsProject Fixit workshop

Are you coming to the Write the Docs conference in Sydney, Australia, 14 and 15 November? If so, I hope you will feel inspired to join our GoodDocsProject FixIt workshop.

We started TheGoodDocsProject to create best-practice templates and writing instructions for documenting open-source software. With our alpha release, we’ve created some common templates which we’d love people to test, break and improve.

Diverse contributions encourage. We hope to cover:

  • As a user or developer or writer: Try writing instructions for your favourite application based on one of our templates. Give us feedback.
  • As a technical writer or information architect: Review one of our templates, try and find limitations, suggest modifications, offer sections to add, debate improvements.
  • You have another idea: Let’s hear it.


  • 5 min: Introduction.
  • 30 min: Break out into groups brainstorming topic.
  • 15 min: groups present back to everyone.
  • 30 min: Break out2.
  • 15 min: Groups present2.
  • 5 min: wrapup and thanks


Post Fixit:

Who are we:

  • Cameron Shorter, Business Analyst by day, Open Source Developer and accidental Technical Writer by night.
  • Jared Morgan, Senior Technical Writer at Squiz
  • Erin McKean, Docs Advocacy Program Manager at Google
  • Felicity Brand (attending remotely), Technical Writer for Google Season of Docs
  • Sanket Totewar, Technical Writer and a few more things
  • Others from TheGoodDocsProject

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