Thursday 8 August 2019

Two tech writers for OSGeo Season of Docs

Felicity Brand and Swapnil Ogale have been selected to join Google's Season Of Docs, under the umbrella of the OSGeo Foundation. Felicity and Swapnil are both seasoned technical writers, keen to help, and keen to learn about working with Open Source communities. I'm sure you will make them feel welcome and will help them to help us.

Felicity has opted to focus on reviewing OSGeo Quickstarts.

Swapnil had opted to create writing templates for Open Source, but these tasks are being superseded by the emerging GoodDocsProject, so we plan to focus Swapnil in one of the other writing tasks on the OSGeo agenda. (More details to come).

Of note, discussion about OSGeo's Season Of Docs has led to scores of writing volunteers signing up to progress documentation in GeoNetwork, QGIS, OSGeoLive and Open Source in general through TheGoodDocsProject. Come join our email list, or reach out to me, if you are interested.

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