Thursday 21 June 2012

Calling for "OSGeo Advocate" profiles

Do you know a lot about aspects of Geospatial Open Source, and are prepared to stand up in public and talk about it? Then please consider adding your name to the "OSGeo Advocate" list.


With my role on the marketing committee, increased number of foss4g related conferences, and with the success of the OSGeo-Live DVD, I'm now regularly being asked to recommend speakers who can talk about OSGeo related topics. Arnulf, as chair of OSGeo, similarly reports being invited to present at more conferences than he can sustain. So the OSGeo Marketing committee has created a space to show off the breadth of experience amongst our OSGeo community, which at the same time will allow conference organisors find local OSGeo experts.
Is this something you can help with? If so, please register within the next month, before the end of July 2012, when we intend to officially launch.

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