Friday 13 August 2010

Using Web Processing Services in the OGC's testbed: OWS-7

LISAsoft, in conjunction with Landgate, Landcare Research and CSIRO, recently deployed and extended a Web Processing Service client as part of the OGC's OWS-7 standards development testbed.
A Web Processing Service (WPS) provides a standard interface for applying spatial algorithms.It is particularly useful for:
  • Reducing complexity in data processing by providing plug & play algorithms.
  • Enabling processes to be chained together.
  • Enabling processing to be deployed once then used everywhere.
  • Streamlined maintenance. Processes/models are maintained in a central place by the entities who created them.
  • Taking advantage of high-speed computational capabilities on a central server.
  • Easy and interoperable access to highly complex processes, such as climate change models.
The following 3 minute video provides a demonstration of the WPS client we developed being used with the OWS-7 scenario.

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