Saturday 6 February 2010

LISAsoft awarded three innovation grants for SLIP Enabler

Over the last two years, Landgate has invited proposals for Developer Innovation Grants to build innovative applications that utilises the Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP). SLIP delivers web data services for a wide range of Western Australian and national geospatial data though a standards-based Spatial Data Infrastructure.

The SLIP Innovation Grants are awarded for innovative ideas in the development of commercial applications and new uses of SLIP datasets. LISAsoft is proud to be awarded three of five of this year’s grants.

“LISAsoft’s proposals fitted very closely with our users needs, and we see them providing significant value to the future of SLIP.” Darren Mottolini, Landgate Business Consultant.

Winning Ideas:

PostGIS Shapefile Loader GUI

The current process for appending a shapefile to an existing PostGIS table involves command line tools and scripts. This project will produce a GUI interface for loading a shapefile to a PostGIS database.

Automated Layer Creation

By streamlining the current manual process of metadata collection, agencies will be able to leverage SLIP for high currency data services.

Big Red Basemap Feedback

“Big Red” provides the ability to markup base map information with instructions to create, update and delete features and review update history from a web page. Crowd sourcing will be used to clean and improve datasets.

Would you like to work on innovative projects, using Geospatial Standards, Open Source, and Geospatial Technologies? LISAsoft is hiring. Contact me if interested.


Zac Spitzer said...

I would suggest having a look at FDO and FDO Toolbox before reinventing the wheel here. It's cross platform and open source

Why not use this spatial abstraction layer and be able to support a plethora of (source & target) databases and file formats?

Autodesk have recently rewritten the PostGIS support, as they weren't happy with the community developed provider

The SLIP link is to optus account usage??

Paul Ramsey said...

Shape file loader for PostGIS, great idea! :)

Joking aside, I'm sure you can put that funding towards making it even better. We also need a GUI for the dumper.

Cameron Shorter said...

Zac, thanks for the suggestions. I'll pass them onto the engineers doing the implementation.

Yes, some of the functionality required for the shape file loader we proposed was implemented between us putting our proposal forward, and being awarded the project. So we will have the opportunity to polish some of the functionality (and tailor to customer requirements). (One of the great things about open source is that as a community we collectively benefit from the work of other members of the community.