Monday 11 May 2009

OSGeo: 10,000 strong

Over 10,000 unique email addresses are subscribe to Geospatial Open Source lists! (Thanks Markus Neteler for working this out). Check out the success of your local project at: and add details of your project if it isn't there. These figures are very useful when making a business case for sponsoring OSGeo or FOSS4G, so I'm hoping some resourceful geek will work out a way to extra these figures every month so we can track the growth of OSGeo from this point on.
I've also been overwhelmed with the good will and marketing power of the OSGeo community when promoting our FOSS4G conference. FOSS4G logos are appearing on blogs and web sites, press releases are being translated, and like previous years, community leaders are forwarding press releases through to their local communities. It is not surprising that 46% of FOSS4G2007 delegates heard about FOSS4G from a collegue or email. With 10,000 evangelists, OSGeo provides powerful viral marketing.

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