Tuesday 13 January 2009

Loading TileCache images onto MapInfo based PDAs using Udig

Landgate, LISAsoft and ExaMin have teamed together to build a TileSync desktop client which loads map images from a TileCache server onto a PDA device.

Darren Mottolini, Business Manager at Landgate explains,

“Landgate’s Shared Land Information Portal (SLIP) is a world leading Spatial data Infrastructure that links and serves extensiveAustralian government agencies’ data through OGC Standards based interfaces to web based applications. The TileSync application will extend SLIP to users who are frequently disconnected from their network.”

The TileSync desktop client will be extent UDig, a java based, Open Source mapping client. It will load raster tiles from SLIP’s TileCache service then store them locally as a hierarchy of images in MapInfo’s TAB format. Jim Groffen, Systems Architect at LISAsoft notes,

“MapInfo TAB files can describe map tiles similar to the defacto TileCache standard supported by a number of Open Source tools and currently being developed into an OGC standard. This has allowed us to propose an effective download chain to MapInfo based products like ExaMin’s
PDA application.”

“The Exa-Min GBM Mobile product delivers a full GIS experience on Windows Mobile (PDA) devices. Custom forms validate geo-referenced field observations as they are entered onto the PDA in the field.”

LISAsoft is a geospatial systems integration, software development and consulting company who add value by integrating Open Standards and Open Source with existing systems.

Landgate is the Western Australia Land Information Authority whose core business is to provide land and property Information. SLIP is a ground-breaking project revolutionising the way government spatial (land and property) information is used and shared, providing numerous benefits to government, business, industry and the community. Landgate is the lead agency responcible for provding the infrastructure called ‘SLIP Enabler’ for all of government in Western Australia.

Exa-Min is a Geospatial software developer based in Brisbane Australia. The company specialises in mobility solutions that support electronic recording of geospatially referenced observations at remote field sites and the automated upload of that data into corporate databases.

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